Opening your mind to the infinite possibilities of the meta-human experience.

Masheri Chappelle

Masheri Chappelle is the founder and Publisher of PortalStar Publishing and is The New Hampshire Writers’ Project Trustee Chair and member. A Smith Scholar graduate of Smith College, she received her B.A. for theater and writing. As an undergraduate, her plays won awards and were produced at Smith College and at The University of Massachusetts’ Third World Theater Series. She is a Data Analyst by day, and a novelist, playwright, Story Guide, and intuitive consultant by night. Her profound intuitive experiences are used in the telling of her stories and plays. She is the author of The Descendant and The Oracle Files: Escape. The Oracle Files: Escape is the New Hampshire Literary Awards 2019 winner for Outstanding FictionShe is presently working on Book Two of The Oracle Files series, Freedom, and a full-length play The Observation Deck.

Dan Pouliot

A New Hampshire native, Dan Pouliot earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts from UNH, and his digital works are in multiple permanent collections. He is Vice-Chair of the New Hampshire Writers’ Project. His passion for positive thinking sets the stage for his debut young adult novel, Super Human, published by PortalStar Publishing. Dan describes Super Human as The Karate Kid meets Escape to Witch Mountain.

Claudia Decker

​Claudia Decker is a proud Latina from Colombia who grew up in the United States. She is a teacher by trade as well as a lifelong writer, storyteller and self-described ‘walking encyclopedia of world religions and new age spirituality. She is fluent in Spanish and English and credits her maternal grandmothers for using stories to impart memories of family, customs, traditions and for using the cautionary tale to teach life lessons.  After a brief stint in the U.S. Air Force, Claudia took her GI bill money and went to college to study languages and literature. She has a flair for sharing culture through story telling often with magical realism and paranormal themes and elements.​ Her debut novel, The Disappeared of Cuizcatlan, will be available in 2025.

WD Shipley

“The only thing better than putting the last period on a 400 page novel is the expression someone else wears after reading it. ” – WD Shipley

Residing in New Hampshire, Bill received his BLA in History and Creative Writing from Umass Lowell (UML); several pieces he wrote are published in “The Offering,” an annual student collection. Bill’s been a motivated student, an entrepreneur, an account executive in software sales, a father, a husband, and a novelist.

Debra Anne LeClair

Debra Anne LeClair is a psychologist, executive coach, meditation teacher and Celtic shamanic practitioner who believes that walking our spiritual path is why we’re all here.  As a writer, Debra is impassioned by the connection between psychology and spirituality and what that brings to a hero/heroine’s journey. 

On November 1st, 2024, Debra’s debut novel entitled, The Common Hours will be released.  The novel is a tale of mystical time travel, family and love exploring the themes of trauma, grief and healing through ancestral connection.